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Puerta Centro keeps on progressing and growing in the development of the largest logistic intermodal
The President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa; the President of the Regional Community of Castile-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page; and the Major of Guadalajara, Antonio Román Jasanada, have attended the opening of the new Logistic Operation Centre, COL, together with Luís Simões and Montepino.

On February 20th, Wednesday, we attended the opening of the new COL of Luis Simöes with a surface of 89,000m² and which will offer innovative and varied logistic services besides the creation of more than 450 direct and indirect jobs. During the opening, the visitors went through each of the areas of the premises and could see all the available means to carry out the logistic services, which, together with developing services for the large consumption sector, will have a large copacking area, e-commerce, and controlled temperature rooms to be able to work with different profiles of products and their different needs. This space is a cutting edge space in Spain with features which will make possible to speed up processes. Some important companies are already betting on this platform for the transportation and distribution of their products. The assistants and managers for the different involved companies pointed out the relevance and commitment of Guadalajara with this large project of Puerta Centro and the relevance it is going to have both in mainland Spain and in the south of Europe. In hi! Real Estate, we keep on promoting this project and feeling proud if it, watching it grow and progress.

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