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More than 300 people take part in a collaborative tree planting event at the Ciudad del Transporte
hi! Real Estate and Hercesa finish the green areas of La Ciudad del Transporte by means of a collaborative planting event carried out by the workers of the company, led by Juan José Cercadillo García, CEO of Hercesa, and together with Evaristo Olcina, Fernando Parlorio, and Israel Marco, councilors of the Town Hall of Guadalajara, and Santiago Isidro Claudio, councilor of the Town Hall of Marchamalo, the two towns where the Logistic Platform is located.

The authorities and the attendants planted trees and aromatic bushes at a festive and symbolic event where the idea of rooting together transformed into making the green areas of La Ciudad del Transporte a collective achievement. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, hi! Real Estate and Hercesa implement sustainable policies in their project and in their entrepreneurial actions as a whole. This 5th October event is framed within this policy, but it also features a future component, as its message is aimed at our next generations, the children of the workers of our company. Juan José Cercadillo García delivered an emotional speech encouraging the attending kids, more than one hundred, to take care of nature and follow on the steps of their parents as regards their top professional engagement, highly valued by our company. In this way, proud of their parents and with a biodegradable gardening kit, all of them rolled up their sleeves and got down to work to plant 700 aromatic plants and 100 trees. Besides planting the green areas of this zone, they also enjoyed some workshops on bees, those beings which create life through pollination and on the world famous Miel de la Alcarria honey. The area, in total, contains 24,000 m2 of aromatic plants and 1400 trees and bushes, with a well-planned distribution aiming to provide shade and wellness to the more than 6,000 workers who will daily pass through its streets and roads, following a well-planned and environmentally friendly strategic industrial development plan. And a photocall was a must, but this time, it was very original, as it was a 2 m. water pipe. This pipe will belong to the 11 kilometer underground piping system for water supply and helped the attendants understand in a practical way the importance of water utilization. For this deployment, our technicians have verified and technologically tried the infrastructures to prevent water leaks, as water is a scarce and essential resource for life. All resources generated during the lunch which was held afterwards were perfectly segregated and their biodegradable composition helped us raise awareness on the fact that another way of living is possible.

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