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hi! Real Estate is a lead actor in the logistic operations in Castile La Mancha
On 9th March, 2020, the Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Castile La Mancha has held the technical workshop "LOGISTICS IN CASTILE LA MANCHA". The workshop has been attended by the regional minister for Development, the General Manager for Transport and Mobility, Rubén Sobrino García, and by significant technicians from this region, as Luis Martínez Fernández-Llamazares, engineer from the Project Division of hi! Real Estate.

One of the conclusions of the workshop was the need to create a work group to tackle the new Law on Transport under preparation by the regional government so as to discuss the problems and real cases of the daily work in the logistic sector. With all this, synergies and competitive advantages will be achieved for Castile La Mancha.

The regional minister for Development, Nacho Hernando, discussed the claims being raised by the government of Castile La Mancha to the central Spanish govern as regards investment in infrastructures, such as the electrification of the railways and the conclusion of the road works which will help connect the whole country and which will help us be the gate of the Atlantic Ocean and the best way to connect Europe with the Mediterranean Sea.

Luis Martínez made clear in his speech the success for the region entailed by the development of the Ciudad del Transporte due to its strategic location, as it is a clear example of railway intermodality and because its modern urban planning is based on a deep knowledge of its logistic use by hi! Real Estate.


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