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Advantages of Puerta Centro
Puerta Centro Ciudad del Transporte
Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte is expected to become the main "dry harbour", as the HUB of the peninsular centre, national and international broad range, capable to canalise national and international flow of merchandise, incoming and outgoing from Madrid and its greater area that stretches until the cities of Guadalajara, Toledo, Segovia and Avila. At the same time, PC will be established as the regional and metropolitan main distribution centre of the Corredor del Henares.

It will be set up in a strong link of different logistic chains between Madrid and the Corredor del Henares, the main Spanish harbours (Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras, Bilbao, Malaga and Cadiz), the connections with France, Morocco and Portugal and links with other large logistic platforms of Spain.

Puerta Centro is committed to sustainability, consideration of natural environment and adequate landscape integration, respecting the existing streams and integrating them in the ordination, moving away from the intense exploitation of these sensitive zones. Besides, it will encourage the efficient use of solar energy, taking advantage of the great potentiality offered by the extensive and flat roof of the logistic installations and the heavy vehicle parking spaces.

The services provided by Puerta Centro, will be focused on:

 Services designed for companies  Services designed for vehicles and equipments

Business Centres. Business Park.
Technological Park.
Financial services.
Communication services.
Tertiary service for companies.

Truck Center.
Heavy vehicle parking spaces.
Container Freight Station.
 Services designed for people  Services to the community
Shopping area.
Academic endowments. University area.
Área universitaria.
Business Development Park.
Convection centre.
Sport areas.

Total surface 2,148,337
Purposes Net surface Percentage
Logistics 1,161,664 54,07%
Intermodal 142,991 6,66%
Services 158,668 7,39%
AVP 63,224 2,94%
Total 1,526,547 71,06%
Transformation centres 600 0,03%
Communications 240,140 11,18%
Equipment 107,379 5,00%
Infrastructures 52,034 2,42%
Gardens 221,637 10,32%
Total 621,790 28,94%
Check 2,148,337 100,00%
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