Puerta Centro
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Advantages of Puerta Centro

Advantages of Puerta Centro


Companies will benefit from transport improvement both long and short distances.

The improvement in spatial distribution of the procurement centres, warehousing and distribution of the merchandise and the communication channels to those centres to:
  • Reduce the transport costs.
  • Reduce the reception costs and warehousing by reducing administrative time.
  • Simplification of the logistic channels.


The logistic of the companies will benefit from the disposition of infrastructures and adequate services for their demand, allowing a better benefit of the infrastructures that can be tailored.

The functional design of PC mejorará:
  • The design of proper logistics channels, optimising them.
  • The productive processes with regards to the relationship between the operators and the loaders.
  • The way to acquire and receive the merchandise.
  • The way of warehousing.
  • The way of sale and distribution.
As a whole, the optimum design of PC will improve the stock management of the established companies, reducing the acquisition and possession costs of the merchandises.

All of which will allow the adaptation of the companies, without incrementing the costs, to the different numbered, frequent, quantified demands of merchandise that are requested in each consignment.


They are the derivatives of the synergies generated by the activities concentration and services favoured by the cooperation between companies, allowing the sustainability of differentiated and high quality logistic channels.

In PC the logistic services could be shared between specialised companies.

The vertical logistic services of the biggest industrial producers with regards to externalisation or outsourcing, will improve by giving way to specialised operators the final trend in the production and distribution of their products.

And the efficiency of the horizontal services will improve thanks to the stemming synergies which will allow an on-going improvement of the logistic processes, which means, the companies could cut down on the costs of the prevention, evaluation and failure to provide a high quality service to their clients.


  • LOCALIZATION: Operative cost saving in the region.
  • DESIGN: Operative cost saving up to 19%.
  • SURROUNDING: Operative cost saving up to 7%.
  • STORAGE ACTIVITIES: Medium saving of 12%.
  • CONSIGNMENT ACTIVITIES: Medium saving of 6,5%.
  • PART LOAD AGENCIES: Medium saving of  9%.

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