Corredor del Henares


Location Puerta Centro

One of the key successes of the whole logistic implementation is its location, and this is the main strength of Puerta Centro.

Its locality combines a current excellent road and railway accessibility, locally and nationwide.

Puerta Centro has currently a direct link to:

  • R-2 Motorway which guarantees the nationwide accessibility with direct link to A-2 motorway, the Corredor del Henares and Madrid.
  • CM-101 road which guarantees the local accessibility with the centre of Guadalajara and the industrial enclaves situated between the road and FFCC.
  • Madrid – Barcelona Railway which guarantees excellent railway accessibility everywhere.
It is the railway accessibility that will endow PC with its greatest asset, as it will allow a rapid and easy access to the railway of Madrid – Barcelona, which forms part of the prioritary itinerary Transeuropean Network of Railway Transport of Merchandise in Spain, which link Algeciras with Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and the French national border.

Because Puerta Centro is situated outside the outskirts of Madrid, it is found in an advantageous localisation which endows it with a “Dry Harbour”, able to canalise and absorb current and forthcoming transport demands of TEUs by railway, from the main harbours towards the peninsular, with high potential international transport towards France and Portugal.

At the same time, it will benefit from improved mobility provided by the expected new infrastructures in the area.
These new proceedings are as follows:

  • ALCARRIA MOTORWAY, which will facilitate the link of PC with A-3 motorway and hence, the access to the logistic corridor of Madrid – Levante.
  • LINK MOTORWAY BETWEEN A-2 AND A-1, which will link PC with the logistic corridor Madrid – Basque Country.
  • DUAL CARRIAGEWAY CM-101, which will guarantee an adequate level of service to the access roads to PC.
  • PROPOSAL OF RAILWAY BY-PASS FOR MERCHANDISE IMPLEMENTED BY TE COMMUNITY OF MADRID, a long-term proposal, and will ensure that merchandise trends by railway will not be affected by travellers and especially the regional train users. This proposal Intends in its first phase to link Madrid - Alcázar de San Juan line with Madrid – Barcelona line in Azuqueca, with a view to moving this connection in the second phase towards PC.
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