Puerta Centro, Ciudad del Transporte
PUERTA CENTRO - City of Transport,

is set up in order to offer an integral supply of activities and logistic services, endowed with an excellent physical infrastructure support that triggers a new concept of added value to the entire logistics community of Corredor del Henares.

It will give rise to a new space of economic activities of more than 200 hectares, focused on logistics and railway inter-modality. More...

Actualidad Puerta Centro

Remarkable presence at Invest in Cities Madrid 2019 of Puerta Centro - Ciudad del Transporte
Invest in Cities is an environment designed to attract national and international investment towards attractive cities as regards their strategic advantages.

In 2020, Puerto de Tarragona finally takes a decisive step forwards regarding Puerta Centro
Puerto de Tarragona has announced the beginning of the investments in Puerta Centro. According to the General Subdirector for hi Real Estate, Luis Francisco Guijarro, “it is the icing on the cake, the final step forward”, as the intermodal interchange station for goods of Puerto de Tarragona frames this logistic project.

More than 300 people take part in a collaborative tree planting event at the Ciudad del Transporte
hi! Real Estate and Hercesa finish the green areas of La Ciudad del Transporte by means of a collaborative planting event carried out by the workers of the company, led by Juan José Cercadillo García, CEO of Hercesa, and together with Evaristo Olcina, Fernando Parlorio, and Israel Marco, councilors of the Town Hall of Guadalajara, and Santiago Isidro Claudio, councilor of the Town Hall of Marchamalo, the two towns where the Logistic Platform is located.

Desarrollos Tecnológicos y Logísticos
Is a company that was set up to prompt the greatest economic project of the Corredor del Henares. Puerta Centro” – City of Transport is an open door to the world.
Puerta Centro, localización
A new model of logistic operator, a private operator who has the capacity to lead the development and the promotion of the Logistic Cluster, which will increase business efficiency.

Its strategic location in the boundaries of the greater Madrid area and Corredor del Henares, the mobility from and toward Puerta Centro is not greatly affected by road traffic congestions of A-2 in the Corredor del Henares, and the railway congestion, since PC is found outside the outskirts of Madrid, over the Iberian broad gauge lines whose merchandising capacity have increased since the set up of high speed lines to Barcelona.

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