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hi! Real Estate actively participates in the international fair Logistics Spain 2023
Logistics Spain, in its 2023 edition, is entlitled "Your transport to the future" and has a robotic hand as an image. hi! Real Estate participates by aligning itself with this vision of creating a prosperous future through the implementation of strategically located, sustainable and high quality industrial and logistics developments.

hi! Real Estate strengthens its leading position as a comprehensive manager offering tailor-made solutions in the industrial and logistics sectors by being able to spot the opportunities and thereby serve its demanding and successful clients.

As success stories, it has marketed 90% of the Ciudad del Transporte, a 2,148,337 m2 plot of land right on the edge of the Madrid suburban ring road and with a Dry Port connected to the Port of Tarragona, and as a development agent, it will complete the reception of the El Ruiseñor Industrial Estate with 1,678,453 m2 dedicated to industrial, tertiary and business use, during the first quarter of 2023.

Another outstanding example present at the Logistics Spain fair is Chiloeches, with its 1,159,100 square meters devoted to industrial plots and where hi! Real Estate is involved in the planning, management, and development.

The evolution of hi! Real Estate is backed by our extended experience and by the clients who have trusted in our projects, both as developers of logistics land and in the field of real estate focused on the construction for rent or sale of warehouses, industrial and logistics warehouses and land. Its future is promising both in the Corredor del Henares area and in the whole Castile-La Mancha region.

The discussion panel "New challenges for real estate in 2023" was attended by Alberto Ortega, Head of Purchasing at Factor 5, David Romera, Head of Investment & Asset Management at Valfondo, Juan José Cercadillo, CEO of hi! Real Estate, Cristian Oller, Vice President & Country Manager Spain of Prologis and Encarna Márquez, Operations Director of Pulsar Properties, with Alberto Larrazábal, National Industrial Director of CBRE, as moderator.

During this fair, Juan José Cercadillo has highlighted the strengths of hi! Real Estate, as the detection of geostrategically located plots of land, both in relation to current and foreseeable transportation routes in a globalized and technological world, diligence in management to shorten timescales and allow decisions with strict implementation schedules not to be delayed or delayed, or flexibility in the scaling of plot sizes that facilitates the choice of customers in their comparison process between competing developers.
The easy dialogue with the public administrations of the autonomous communities in which hi! Real Estate operates has been positively appraised, and more flexibility in the building parameters as compared to residential construction has been requested. His exact words were "We are generators of land, we work in the incipient part of the logistics activity with a counter-cyclical rhythm. The urban developments that are underway now will be marketed in five years' time, so it is important to shorten the timeframe, after identifying locations, to meet the changing needs of customers.”

Juan José Cercadillo explained that the price of final land is not the problem of price increases in the logistics sector as it is not relevant in the final cost of the project; the final increases are due to the cost of energy, transport or inflation, among other causes.

During the discussion panel, it was acknowledged that sustainability cannot be an option, as its parameters are established in the production processes with the use of clean energies towards energy efficiency. The importance of talent as a driver of all of the above has been mentioned.
The International Logistics Spain trade fair is the perfect forum in which to share space and time with a booming sector that is experiencing an increase in its overall annual figures for contracting and investment.

Another moment to share different points of view in a relaxed way was the cocktail party held by hi! Real Estate at the Logistics Spain trade fair, in the Palacio Multiusos of Guadalajara, at Avenida del Vado, 13.

All in all, hi! Real Estate works relentlessly to achieve that every developed plot of land as a comprehensive project manager is chosen by leading companies willing to improve the lives of the people surrounding them and of the natural environment.

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