Puerta Centro
Road Network
Advantages of Puerta Centro

Road Network

Puerta Centro has a development plan vertebrated by an important central road axis of some 2.000m of length, parallel to FFCC some 500 m away. This road is, at the same time, the main support of all the basic systems of PC. On this structural road will be articulated different functional areas.

It will entail an interior axis which will unify the main accesses and will allow the development of different areas. From this structural road the supply of necessary services for the forthcoming developed economic activities will be guaranteed.

It involves a 39 m wide section from which the parking will be excluded, hence securing an adequate traffic flow.

Moreover, it involves a 28m wide second axis, perpendicular to the aforementioned axis, which will secure a whole range of road accesses to the Intermodal Terminal.

Those roads will be complemented with secondary roads of 21m of width and manoeuvre roads of 18m of width in the load and unload areas.

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