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hi! Real Estate participa en Logistic Spain 2022
The company stays a step ahead in the implementation of industrial and logistic developments which are strategically located, are sustainable and high quality.

Hi! Real Estate shows in the Logistic Spain 2022 International Fair its main developments, consolidating its leading position as a comprehensive project manager offering tailored solutions in the industrial and logistic sectors.

The purpose of the company is to go one step ahead as a mechanism to spot opportunities and thus serve its demanding and successful customers. The tools used to be one step ahead and work with a future vision are:

The detection of geostrategically located plots of land, both in relation to current and foreseeable transportation routes in a globalized and technological world.

hi! Real Estate is also one step ahead giving priority to the management with which all developments begin, since diligence in this matter shortens deadlines and allows decisions with strict implementation schedules not to be prolonged or delayed.

The flexibility in the sizing of the plots is another management mission. This makes the choice of our customers easier as compared to other competing developing agents.

In addition, the study of the behavioral and consumption habits of direct customers and of their customers is another of our aims, as their concerns are inexorably evolving towards an ethical and hybrid world.

This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals demanded by society on issues such as energy savings and efficiency on its way towards the use of clean energy.

A step ahead with a focus on local communities, enabling their economic and social development and their individual welfare, preventing in this way depopulation and consolidating towns and villages.

Lastly, hi! Real Estate works to be one step ahead in innovation applicable from the management processes to the materials and the execution, and all this having people as our main focus.

The evolution of hi! Real Estate is backed by our extended experience and by the clients who have trusted in our projects, both as developers of logistics land and in the field of real estate focused on the construction for rent or sale of warehouses, industrial and logistics warehouses and land.

The Ciudad del Transporte is worth mentioning due to its size, being a dream come true thanks to the willingness and relentlessness of its creator, Juan José Cercadillo García, who believed in the possibilities of a plot of land just bordering the short distance train area of Madrid and able to become a dry port communicated with the Port of Tarragona. Today, its 2,148,337 square meters are a reality daily used by thousands of workers in the several companies within it.

Another successful example is SI 20 Plot in Cabanillas del Campo, with a surface of 1,311,596 square meters where INDITEX built its distribution center. Our current developments underway are: Guadalajara, Marchamalo, Chiloeches, Cabanillas del Campo, Horche, Trijueque, Villalbilla, Paracuellos de Jarama, and Móstoles.


We especially highlight Guadalajara due to the importance of its El Ruiseñor Industrial Park, where Hercesa carries out the crucial mission of being an urban development agent. It is a new logistics and business development with a total area of 1,678,453 sqm dedicated to industrial, tertiary and business use. Its strategic location, with direct access to the main highways of the Madrid beltway (A2, R2 and A1) via the N-320, its short distance to the Short Distance, High Speed and Puerto Seco de la Ciudad del Transporte railway stations or to Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport, allows for time and energy savings in travel, which is in line with the policy of future and sustainability set out in the Code of Ethical Conduct of hi! Real Estate and Hercesa.

As regards the access from Guadalajara and the surrounding area, the El Ruiseñor area has modern roads, as it has a direct connection with Guadalajara due to the fact that one of its borders lies on the very edge of the city and the other side borders on road CM-10 or Ronda Norte and a connection road between industrial parks. The traffic roundabouts on the Marchamalo road, the Cabanillas del Campo road and the road connecting the industrial parks are direct accesses to the El Ruiseñor industrial estate.

As regards its accesses on foot, El Ruiseñor has two footbridges; on the one hand, the existing footbridge by the Short Distance Train Station, which can be accessed from the Marchamalo old road. After crossing this road, the footbridge leads to the industrial park through the old path to Cabanillas, parallel to the train tracks and which enables a quick access from the train. On the other hand, there is the new footbridge which is being built by hi! Obras y Servicios and which will connect the El Ruiseñor park with the “Los Manantiales” area, through the Francisco Aritio street. Last February, the elevated section of this footbridge, which is more than 26 meters long and weighs a total of 19 tons, was hoisted.

As regards sustainability, the El Ruiseñor park has a proper waste management, LED public lighting which reduces light pollution, common rest areas, a foot path and gardens with drip irrigation and a bicycle path around the perimeter of the park, among other green features.

The development works in the El Ruiseñor industrial park, carried out by Hercesa as the urban planning agent, progress as expected, having finished 70% of the total planning stage and expecting to finish the whole project during this year. The whole amount of the planning works amounts to 56 million Euro.

On March 23, 2022, the U.S. multinational Cummins New Power formalized the purchase of 55,000 sqm of land to install a plant for the manufacture of electrolyzers capable of producing hydrogen by breaking down water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through a process known as electrolysis.

The implementation of this company has been possible thanks to the joint work made by the City Hall of Guadalajara, the regional government of Castile La Manche, and the relentless work of Hercesa as planning agent, beginning the construction of the premises immediately.

Montepino and Prologis are some of the other important companies already located in the strategic plots of El Ruiseñor.

There are areas at El Ruiseñor park where uses associated with new R&D technologies can be installed, related to both industrial production activities and scientific production and innovation activities. Plot sizes are of the scale demanded by companies in all of the previous sectors.


Another outstanding example present at the Logistic Spain fair is Chiloeches, with its 1,159,100 square meters devoted to industrial plots and where hi! Real Estate is involved in the planning, management, and development.

The International Logistic Spain trade fair is the perfect forum in which to share space and time with a booming sector that is experiencing an increase in its overall annual figures for contracting and investment.

Juan José Cercadillo Calvo, CEO of hi! Real Estate, has taken part in the round table “The challenge of immologistics in the face of growing demand”, together with José María Alaña, CEO of Pulsar Properties, Óscar Heras, CEO of GLP España, Cristian Oller, VP Country Manager of Prologis España and David Romera, Head of Investment and Asset Management for Montepino. The have talked about topics such as the lack of plots of land, energy improvement, or the future of the sector. Juan José Cercadillo has highlighted the “high level of conscience and commitment of all administrations to make our region a competitive destination sought after by the best companies of the sector”. They have all praised the existence of this fair as a very desirable forum after the lack of events due to the COVID pandemic, congratulating its organizers.

Another moment to share different points of view in a relaxed way was the cocktail party held by hi! Real Estate at its stand at the Logistic Spain trade fair, in the Palacio Multiusos of Guadalajara, at Avenida del Vado, 13.

All in all, hi! Real Estate works without respite to achieve that every developed plot of land as a comprehensive project manager is chosen by leading companies willing to improve the lives of the people surrounding them and of the natural environment.

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