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hi! Real Estate takes part in the 1st Online Forum Logistics Spain
This Forum was held on 4th and 5th November 2020 as a prelude of the future International Logistics Congress which will be held in Guadalajara.

This Forum was held on 4th and 5th November 2020 as a prelude of the future International Logistics Congress which will be held in Guadalajara. The event, led by the Regional Government of Castile la Mancha, the Provincial Government of Guadalajara, the City Hall of Guadalajara, CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara, and Grupo PGS, has been attended by high representatives of the main national and international companies of the sector, as hi! Real Estate, CBRE, Grimaldi España, Luis Simoes, ID Logistics, DAGU, SEUR, Tipsa, MRW, Primafrio, DSV, Logesta, Kuehne+Nagel, Transportes Chichón, and XPO. For two intense days, the participants have discussed about logistics, inmologistics, infrastructures, and industrial and financial solutions during the whole process, from the transport and storage up to the distribution, essential sectors in provinces as Guadalajara due to its strategic geographical location. The opening session was attended by Mª Soledad García, CEO for CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara, Alberto Rojo, Major of Guadalajara, José Luis Vega, President of the Provincial Government of Guadalajara, and Eusebio Robles, Representative of the Regional Government of Castile la Mancha in Guadalajara. Patricia Franco, Regional Minister for Economy, Companies, and Employment of Castile la Mancha closed the Forum. In short, it was an event proving the joint efforts of the public administrations and the corporate world in a winning formula, as held by all participants. According to the regional minister "the logistic sector is a priority for the Regional Government, and, due to this, it is our aim to prioritize and reinforce it. We are committed.” She has talked about the relevance given from the government to expedite procedures, something essential and which has been shared by all attendants to the forum. Juan José Cercadillo, CEO for hi! Real Estate and Hercesa Empresas, has presented a session called "The new logistics; location, design, and added value", where he has developed these concepts, placing its company at the forefront of the management of logistic land in a time when the new consumption uses reinforce the logistic activity of online trading. After mentioning their whole land portfolio, he has highlighted the Puerta Centro Ciudad del Transporte project, as it combines all of the aforementioned factors, containing robotics, AI, energy efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and general design with future prospects. Access here the whole talk: https://youtu.be/2HKuuQXgH0c It has been made clear during these two days that the geographical location of Guadalajara, close to the main national consumption center and connected to the rest of the world through 12 sea ports and the Madrid airport, is one of the many competitive advantages of Castile la Mancha in general and of the province of Guadalajara in particular. All participants agreed that it is important to work together to place Guadalajara as a reference spot for the international logistic sphere by holding, in the near future, a large international congress. All this information and further details are available on the following site: https://logisticspain.com

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